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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ticket to show

having fun with generator blog

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The end

Well I am finally here at the end - it has been quite a journey and i have not had to make up or remember so many passwords. All of the tasks were useful and interesting, some more than others.
My only gripe with the program and I am sure that I am not alone is the speed of the connections. It really made it a long process and you could not really get into some aspects of the program as the wait was just too long.
I am at least aware of the wide and various sites and programs that are available and it has inspiried me to take chances and try different things
Well done YPRL and Denise and Lynette for giving us this opportunity to learn


I am not having much luck with the last few exercises - can't seem to get anywhere - I tried to establish a net library account but the link was down. i went into the site but could not find a audio book link? maybe i am just blind. Had a look at the site anyway to have a look at ebooks - interesting anyway


I tried to listen to a variety of podcasts but had great difficulty - i kept getting asked to download software it was very frustrating and slow - would like to look at it as it looks interesting - tried to search for childrens books and would have liked to listen but was not prepared to download software each time!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Your tube

tried to watch some of the clips but had to download software and then I waited and waited for clips to download - so actually did not see anything! disappointed as it looked really interesting - maybe we could do our own version for people to make clips on programs that we run or on specific subjects etc

web 2.0 awards

went into a site called which allows you to choose places and groups that meet to discuss and do all sorts of things such as music, art, outdoor etc. Lists the dates of meetups and where. It allows you to add your interests to as well - quite interesting


What a great idea if you are a student and using school facilities - a fantastic way of storing information so that you don't have to save to disks etc. Immense possibilities for a wide market

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sandbox Wiki

a fun activity and my blog is registered


Wikis are great fun - they are especially good if you have a lot of people interested in the same thing. it is a great place for sharing and I can see huge potentional for applications in a library setting - we have trialled it with the summer reading club and although slow with the uptake has a huge potential in the future. Also we could use it with schools as a way of linking and running programs without having to physically be there.

what does library 2.0 mean to me

Although I will not use a lot of the resources myself I must remember that 'partons' use the technology. if I am aware of what is out there then I can respond appropriately and adapt and embrace new ways of doing things. As Rick Anderson says in his article regarding icebergs to the future of libraries "All are remnants of a bygone information age, practices and attitudes that no longer make sense but which we have difficulty letting go. Our patrons have no such qualms, of course, as the emergence of Web 2.0 demonstrates" Libraries and librarians need to embrace change and look at new ways of assisting patrons in the search for information or leisure.
Learning 2.0 has been a real eye opener for me and has forced me to look and explore things i would not normally so it certainly given me new and fresh ideas.


Tried searching in 2 different areas on technorati and found that it gave completely different results, a search on blog posts for learning 2.0 yeilded 33, 606 gave results in various languages etc. Could not figure out how to limit the results. The same search on blog directory put me straight to the blog - much easier. A search on popular blogs was interesting - I find it facinating that they actually have statistics of how many searches and what tags are used to get to a particular blog. I don't think that there is enough interest for me to go back and spend so much time blogging and searching.

a handy tool that i have put on the menu of my explorer on my computer - will be handy when I am conducting searches as i can use my own tag words etc

Monday, January 08, 2007

rollyo visiting

Powered by Rollyo


Good idea if you have to share a pc and if you do research from the same sites all the time. Also you have checked out the sites previously so you are aware of content. Not really relevant to what i am doing but could see it being a really relevant tool for the reference desk as it is portable and you can search in sites you are familiar with. I can not figure out how to put the link into my blog? same with the last task - not sure how to do it - am confused.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


An interesting tool - found some titles to add to my reading list which is great. Next visit is to the catalogue. Intedn to add to the list as I think of titles I love so that I can get a really good booklist going to keep me reading. It will make it easier as I don't tend to browse the shelves as much as I used too.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flickr - magazine cover

I love it?
This is so much fun - I really get a buzz out of playing around with my photos and this can become very addicitive. I need to improve my wit though if I am to use this sort of tool. This has been the best so far. lots of fun!!